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Borrowed to Him (Part 2)

”Hello. I’m Juniper”, I had said politely when he had opened the door to his apartment. ”I’m here because my mist...”, I had tried to continue but he had firmly raised his hand as a sign for silence and responded: ”I know why you are here. Come in now.” I felt my face turning red as I quickly entered his apartment and heard the door being closed behind me. Of course he knew, I thought. Silly me! I had just been nervous and tried to relieve it by speaking.  ”I’m your master tonight and I certainly hope there’s no more unnecessary talking from your side”, he said while looking me into my eyes like making sure I had understood. ”I'm strict but I'm also fair. There won't be any punishment without a cause. But next time you speak without permission I will gag you”, he continued and pronounced the last words slowly, emphasizing that no warnings would be given. Feeling relieved that I had been forgiven my big mouth, I silently nodded indicating that I had understood.

"Now, t…

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